Stammen & Associates


Our Services

Services include complete support of the project, one portion of it, or in its entirety. Included are engineering, design, construction supervision, startup and maintenance.

Process Analyzers Systems:
New or existing process evaluations, analyzer selection, sample systems, drawings, field supervision and all that is needed for a fully functioning system.

Validation Systems:
Prove the repeatability of your RVP Analyzer and realize a significant savings in your gasoline blending.

Environmental Compliance:
CEMS or CMS design and coordination through final certification report and audits.

Instrument & Control Systems:

Field and control room instrument installation design, control panels, etc.

Factory & Field Inspections:
System inspections against project specification, drawings and applicable codes and regulations.

Maintenance services and complete programs with high percentage on-line results.

Project Management:
Complete technical, cost and time management within project constraints.

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