Stammen & Associates


Instrument & Control Systems

Most processing companies require the use of instrument and control systems to accomplish some degree of automation and/or safety. In the design of instrument and control systems, functionality, space, safety, human factors and cost all play a major role. The needs of one must balance with the needs of the other.

Stammen & Associates can help achieve this goal and minimize installation and operational down time.

Key Benefits:

Experienced designers
Code conformance
Achieve desired performance
Environmental compliance
Quality design
Safe to operate
Highest possible "on-line" time
Optimum cost


Process evaluations
Test specifications
Conceptual design
Factory inspections
Human factors evaluation
Construction supervision
Technical specifications
Startup assistance
Purchase specifications
Control panel design
Trouble shooting
Installation drawings
Training programs
Loop drawings
Instruction manuals
P&ID drawings
Procedures manuals



Partial Client List:

ARCO Products Company
Dynamic Fabrication, Inc.
Roscoe Moss Company
Alcoa EPI ITT/Barton
South Coast Systems
Automated Designs
Johnson Controls, Inc.
City of Pasadena
Kal Kan
Wolder Engineering
Emerson Electric
Power Controls, Inc.
Wyle Laboratories
Emission Control Systems
PPG Industries

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