Stammen & Associates


Environmental Compliance

For most companies, environmental compliance is a cost which produces no income. Because of this, it is imperative to be in compliance with the least possible cost!

Stammen & Associates can help achieve this goal regardless if it is obtaining incentive performance from a CEMS, being ready for a regulatory audit or helping to keep your mass of data organized so that it is at your finger tips.

Key Benefits:

Rule Compliance
Reduced staff
Audit preparedness
Lower Environmental costs


CEMS/CMS trouble shooting
QA/QC Manuals
CEMS/CMS audits
CEMS/CMS modernization
Facility Environmental Plans
CEMS/CMS performance testing
Source test specifications
CEMS/CMS maintenance
40CFR60, 40CFR75 & RECLAIM

Partial Client List:

ARCO Products Company
ARCO Pipeline Company
Texaco Refining & Mktg
Johnson Controls, Inc.
Watson Cogeneration
Mobil Oil Corporation

BP Pipeline

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