Factory and Field Inspections
The final quality of an installation is highly dependent upon the results of intermediate stages upon which subsequent stages are built. If an early stage is faulty, later stages must be changed to compensate so that the final result is achieved. This is true in both the supplier and processing environments.

Stammen & Associates can provide qualified inspection services for your company if your facility is in or out of our area. Regardless of your location, proper inspections of products and services optimize the final time and cost of a project.

Key Benefits:
  • Quality assurance
  • Lower total installed cost
  • Analyzer inspections
  • Integrated systems inspections
  • Field inspections
  • Local
  • Nationwide
Partial Client List:
  • ARCO Products Company
  • City of Pasadena
  • Watson Cogeneration
  • ARCO CQC Kiln
  • S.C.A.Q.M.D.
  • Wolder Engineering
  • Texaco Refining & Mktg
Printable - Factory and Field Inspections
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